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If tumblr had a "reblog every post from this blog" button then I would use it on yours. :3


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Do you use a lot of curves, and lasso/levels in editing your caps? They look so bright and colourful. Your caps look really unique and great. Builds up the spirit, sort of. :D


I probably stick to curves the most, I personally find it the easiest to adjust and work with, particularly with animated caps where it’s easy to make everything a bit too washed out (sometimes I go overboard too!). I’ve sorted of just started experimenting with the RGB settings on curves too which I’ve found particularly useful when some colours might be a bit too dominant in a cap, or I just want more of a certain hue. Most of the time I’ll just stick to 2-3 curves layers to adjust the lights and shadows, but the basic brightness adjustment can be useful right at the end if I’m still unhappy with the cap :)

And again, thank youuuuuu!

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How and what do you use to make your caps all prettyful and gorgeous like you?

You’re as sweet as strawberry jam! :)

Honestly, a lot of the time it’s just experimentation until I’m happy with the cap, but you can take a look at these two psds¬†which basically sets out my colouring process most of the time. I think it’s good to have a general idea with what you’d like to enhance in a cap - whether it’s brightening a certain section, making a particular colour pop, or just a bit of sharpening or something. For example, with the Legend of Korra, I ended having a psd just for pro bending caps because with most of them it was enhancing reds and yellows with a bit of brightening. Hope that’s explained things somewhat! :D

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